AquaFinesse Water Care PackAquaFinesse Water Care Pack
AquaFinesse Used, Loved and Trusted the world over!

Simple Weekly Treatment.
1. Shake the bottle of AquaFinesse to release the patented formal and add a measured amount directly to your spa water, turn on your jets for a few minutes to mix.
2. Add a fresh sanitising tablet to the dispenser and place on the filter tray
3. Clean filters. Its as simple as that!

In the AquaFinesse pack you will find:
2 Bottles of AquaFinesse liquid
1 Pack of sanitising tablets
1 Dispenser
1 Measuring Cup
AquaFinesse user manual

How AquaFinesse works
The AquaFinesse environmentally friendly system works in a completely different way to traditional water sanitisers. For example, if you have ever had to take apart the pipe work under the kitchen sink you will have found a slimy, sticky substance this is called biofilm and it grows wherever water is present. Biofilm itself is produced by bacteria allowing them a safe place to shelter, feed and of course, colonise. Traditional sanitisers cannot penetrate this biofilm only having the capability of killing the bacteria in the outer layers of this slime leaving the bacteria beneath unharmed and able to continue the colonising cycle. This is where the patented AquaFinesse technology comes in. In a gentle, environmentally friendly way AquaFinesse breaks down the biofilm film removing the protective shelter of bacteria thereby reducing the re-growth of bacteria and the possibility of colonisation massively!

Q. Having dealt with the biofilm problem, what happens when fresh bacteria are introduced into the water?
A. Whilst using AquaFinesse in your spa freshly introduced bacteria are prevented from clinging to surfaces, unable to get a foot hold they are quickly gathered up by AquaFinesse and washed into the filter system where our small sanitising tablet kills them swiftly and effectively.

Q. Can AquaFinesse be used in calcium rich water?
A. Calcium too cannot stand up to the might of AquaFinesse, it is broken down by our patented formula, coagulated and washed into the filters.

When using AquaFinesse the components of your spa will last longer, your spa water will feel luxuriously soft and your skin will thank you for it. Now that's value for money!

Tip: Also available from your AquaFinesse dealer: The Spa Clean Tablet (Deep clean for your Hot tub or whirlpool bath)
AquaFinesse Filter cleaning tablets: (Perfectly clean filters only needing a record 1 hour soak)
AquaFinesse Pool Puck (Simple effective water treatment for swimming pools and swimspas)
All of the AquaFinesse products are human and environment friendly!

Note on Starting up a new spa
During the manufacturing process spas are filled with water and tested. As this is generally done on a production line system the water can contain dust and debris from other spas and the factory itself, up to one litre of this water can remain in the pipe work of your spa after draining, allowing biofilm to grow.
For this reason all new spas should be treated with a chlorine shock once installed.
You can start using AquaFinesse in you new spa 4-6 hours after the chlorine shock has taken place. In the first few weeks it is not uncommon to see slightly cloudy water this is a natural process as AquaFinesse does its job and begins to break down the biofilm from the walls and pipe work. During this period please ensure that your filters are washed regularly. Once this purging or cleaning period is over your water will be crystal clear.
We do find that most customers choose not to go through the purging period by simply using an AquaFinesse product called 'Spa Clean. This is a 'one off' environmentally friendly treatment which cleans your spa thoroughly from the inside out.

Note on Switching over to AquaFinesse
We recommend that your spa is first thoroughly cleaned of old biofilm, calcium and grime (which often nestles unseen in the pipe work) by using our Spa Clean product. The water should then be drained and refilled; you are now ready for the unique bathing experience that only AquaFinesse can offer.

Note on testing:
Under normal circumstances the pH and Alkalinity of your water will not need adjusting as AquaFinesse contains a natural balancing agent however, strip testing is advised as certain geographical areas experience extreme high or low calcium levels in the water. If you find that your water levels need to be adjusted this can be done simply and will not interfere with the workings of AquaFinesse, please ask your dealer for advice